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All BOSC posters will be displayed for the two days of BOSC (July 22-23). ISMB requests that the presenters of even-numbered posters stand by their posters the first day, and odd-numbered poster presenters stand by their posters on the second day. Your poster must be no more than 0.95 m wide x 1.30 m high.

Poster abstracts can be found in the complete program (available soon).

Poster # Title Presenter
1 Rishi Nag Bio::DB::HTS - accessing HTSlib from Perl
2 Ricardo Wurmus Reproducible and user-controlled software management in HPC with GNU Guix
3 Rickard Hammarén NGI-RNAseq - a best practice analysis pipeline in Nextflow
4 Daria Iakovishina CueSea: quality control tool for Illumina genotyping microarray data, with correction on intensity, clusterization and biological specificity."
5 Monther Alhamdoosh An ensemble approach for gene set testing analysis with reporting capabilities
6 thomas cokelaer Sequana: a set of flexible genomic pipelines for processing and reporting NGS analysis
7 Jiwen Xin BioThings Explorer: Utilizing JSON-LD for Linking Biological APIs to Facilitate Knowledge Discovery
8 Luis Pedro Coelho NGLESS: Perfectly understandable and reproducible metagenomics pipelines using a domain-specific language
9 Nivethika Mahasivam RADAR-CNS - Research Infrastructure for processing wearable data to improve health
10 Ngoc-Vinh Tran PhyloProfile: an interactive and dynamic visualization tool for multi-layered phylogenetic profiles
11 Kevin Sayers Workflows interoperability with Nextflow and Common WL
12 Stian Soiland-Reyes CWL Viewer: The Common Workflow Language Viewer
13 Kees van Bochove Gene Set Variation Analysis in cBioPortal
14 Carole Goble Bioschemas for life science data
15 Denis Yuen The GA4GH Tool Registry Service (TRS) and Dockstore - Year One
16 Stefan A. POPA Enabling the optimization of open-source biological computational tools with scripting languages
17 Wiktor Jurkowski Introducing the Brassica Information Portal: Towards integrating genotypic and phenotypic Brassica crop data
18 Anil S. Thanki Discovery and visualisation of homologous genes and gene families using Galaxy
19 Olga Vrousgou The SPOT ontology toolkit : semantics as a service
20 Tazro Ohta Databases to support reanalysis of public high-throughput DNA sequencing data
21 Phillippe Rocca-Serra Discovering datasets with DATS in DataMed
22 Chunlei Wu BioThings SDK: a toolkit for building high-performance data APIs in biology
23 Evanthia Kaimaklioti Reproducing computational experiments in situ as an interactive figure in a journal article.
24 Aditya Bharadwaj GRAPHSPACE: Stimulating interdisciplinary collaborations in network biology
25 Keiichiro Ono Revitalizing a classic bioinformatics tool using modern technologies: the case of the Cytoscape Project
26 Kieran O'Neill Screw: tools for building reproducible single-cell epigenomics workflows
27 Stephen Lincoln Emerging public databases of clinical genetic test results: Implications for large scale deployment of precision medicine
28 Alexander S Rose NGL - a molecular graphics library for the web
29 Matúš Kalaš BioJSON | BioYAML - Towards unified formats for sequences, alignments, features, and annotations"
30 Herve Menager EDAM - The ontology of bioinformatics operations, types of data, topics, and data formats (2017 update)"
31 Chunlei Wu BioThings SDK: a toolkit for building high-performance data APIs in biology
32 Kenzo-Hugo Hillion ToolDog - generating tool descriptors from the ELIXIR tool registry
33 Uros Sipeitc Workflow for processing standard bioinformatics formats with SciClone to infer tumor heterogeneity
34 Ismail Moghul GeoDiver: Differential Gene Expression Analysis & Gene-Set Analysis for GEO Datasets
35 Wei Wang Aztec: Automated Biomedical Tool Index with Improved Information Retrieval System
36 Nikola Tesic Microsatellite instability profiling of TCGA colorectal adenocarcinomas using a Common Workflow Language pipeline
37 Alberto Riva DAMON, an open source framework for reliable and reproducible analysis pipelines"
38 Yo Yehudi Forever in BlueGenes: a next-generation genomic data interface powered by InterMine
39 Ted Liefeld Integrating cloud storage providers for genomic analyses
40 Silvia Di Giorgio GRADitude: A computational tool for the analysis of Grad-seq data
41 Farah Khan CWL+Research Object == Complete Provenance
42 Steffen Möller Workflow-ready bioinformatics packages for Debian-based distributions and this Linux distributionís infrastructure for low-friction reproducible research
43 Madeleine Ball Open Humans: Opening human health data
44 Kate Voss Full-stack genomics pipelining with GATK4 + WDL + Cromwell
45 John Fonner BioContainers for supercomputers: 2,000+ accessible, discoverable Singularity apps"
46 Rabie Saidi Protein Inpainter: a Message-Passing-based Predictor using Spark GraphX
47 Felix Shaw Collaborative Open Plant Omics: A platform for "FAIR" data for plant science