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Please go to our NEW website: https://www.open-bio.org/events/bosc/collaborationfest/
Please go to our NEW website: https://www.open-bio.org/events/bosc/collaborationfest/
(As soon as we've double checked all the key information is on the new site, this page will become just a redirection)
Open Bioinformatics Foundation Collaboration Fest (CoFest) 2019 will be July 26th and 27th, 2019 (the Friday and Saturday after [[BOSC 2019]] and the ISMB/ECCB 2019 meeting) at [https://www.dayone.swiss/dayone.html The Swiss Innovation Hub for Personalized Medicine] in Basel, Switzerland.
CoFest is an opportunity for anyone interested in open science, biology and programming to meet, discuss and work collaboratively. Everyone is welcome to attend. We will have a mix of experienced developers, users, trainers, and researchers, newcomers to bioinformatics, and everything in between.
This will be the 10th annual pre- or post-[[BOSC]] collaboration fest. Previous fun and successful events were [[Codefest 2010]] in Boston, [[Codefest 2011]] in Vienna, [[Codefest 2012]] in Los Angeles, [[Codefest 2013]] in Berlin, [[Codefest 2014]] in Boston, [[Codefest 2015]] in Dublin, [[Codefest 2016]] in Orlando, [[Codefest 2017]] in Prague, and [https://galaxyproject.org/events/gccbosc2018/collaboration/ GCCBOSC Collaboration Fest 2018] in Portland.
== Objectives ==
Anyone interested in contributing to open source bioinformatics projects is encouraged to attend. Newcomers are especially encouraged to attend. The goal of many collaborative work events is to produce code, period.
CoFest's goals are much wider:
* Grow and foster the contributor community for open source bioinformatics projects.
* Extend, enhance, and otherwise improve open source bioinformatics code.
* Create, extend, and otherwise improve non-code objects, such as documentation and training materials
== Why attend ==
* For new members of the community: meet and learn with other open source programmers.
* For current community members: expand your network and strengthen existing relationships. Teach and learn from new community members. Focus on open source work without interruptions. Discuss questions and problems in real time.
* For everyone: discuss and learn from the community. Teach others what you know. Build new friendships and collaborations.
== What to expect ==
The Open Bioinformatics Foundation CoFest is a collaborative two-day working session. The only
requirement for attendance is that you have an interest in open source software
and solving scientific problems. We will have contributors to open source
bioinformatics tools present to collaboratively work with, and we welcome new
attendees who want to learn and contribute to open source code or documentation.
The rough structure of the two days is:
* Start with introductions from everyone attending about their goals and plans for the two days.
* Assemble into working groups based on shared interests like programming languages, open source projects or biological questions. We use the [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UaScEaOchWPCTdBei8PLCIcKLEqVdhDimOj4zFydhnk/edit?usp=sharing collaboratively brainstormed Google document] as the basis for setting up groups. Attendees determine the goals for the two days. If you have an idea for a project, please add it before the event. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
* Work and discuss. Enjoy a productive time.
* We'll have regular breaks where each group can deliver short reports on their progress.
* We have informal lunches, dinners, and drinks as a way for everyone to get to know each other better.
* At the end of the two days, we summarize contributions and work accomplished in a meeting report.
Please feel free to get in touch with any of the organizers with questions. You
are very welcome at CoFest.
== Attending ==
You are very welcome to attend. There is no cost, we only ask you to register to help organize numbers. Please add yourself if you are
interested to [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KmUvbKo7AXwivjCLkFv3Dd-z4fhNrS2pXotMse9QGCg/edit?usp=sharing this Google spreadsheet]
We'll coordinate through the [https://gitter.im/chapmanb/obf-codefest CoFest Gitter chat room] and [https://gitter.im/OBF/BOSC_community BOSC Gitter chat room],
so please sign up and introduce yourself there.
If you're not able to physically attend, we're still more than happy to have you participate in Codefest. Please sign up on the [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KmUvbKo7AXwivjCLkFv3Dd-z4fhNrS2pXotMse9QGCg/edit?usp=sharing the Google spreadsheet] and list yourself as remote only. We have a [https://gitter.im/chapmanb/obf-codefest CoFest Gitter chat room] we can use to coordinate and discuss in real time and will have an open Google Hangout to make it easier to be part of CoFest remotely.
Add your [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UaScEaOchWPCTdBei8PLCIcKLEqVdhDimOj4zFydhnk/edit?usp=sharing project ideas to the shared google document]. The ideas include smaller focused projects and larger work. We want suggestions from everyone and will organize into groups around these during CoFest.
== Logistics ==
Location is going to be at [https://www.dayone.swiss/dayone.html The Swiss Innovation Hub for Personalized Medicine] with the address: [https://goo.gl/maps/AvZkyjvsm1DQrGmL6 Hochbergerstrasse 60C, 4057 Basel, Switzerland.]
== Sponsors ==
We're looking for sponsors interested in being involved with the open source community. Sponsorship money helps provide food and drink for the CoFest and [https://github.com/OBF/obf-docs/blob/master/Travel_fellowships.md Open Bioinformatics Foundation Travel Fellowships] for BOSC and CoFest. If interested, please get in touch with any of the organizers (CoFest) or the [mailto:bosc@open-bio.org BOSC committee] (general).
== Questions? ==
If you have any questions or thoughts, please get in touch with any of the organizers directly, or join one or more of the aforementioned chat rooms to ask.
== Organizers ==
* [https://github.com/apeltzer Alexander Peltzer]
* [https://github.com/peterjc Peter Cock]
* [https://github.com/heuermh Michael Heuer]

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Please go to our NEW website: https://www.open-bio.org/events/bosc/collaborationfest/