Google Summer of Code 2014 Ideas

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Interested mentors and students should subscribe to the OBF/GSoC mailing list and announce their interest - that is the way we can track what is happening.

Mentor names and project ideas are hosted on each member project's wiki on a dedicated Google Summer of Code page. See each of the member projects, linked below, for more details about any project:

Cross-project ideas

BioInterchange: Convert and Exchange Biological File Formants using RESTful web service

Native and JVM-based support for the Systems Biology Markup Language (SMBL)


BioPerl logo tiny.jpg

NGS-friendly BioPerl code

Convert BioPerl-DB to use DBIx::Class

Major BioPerl Reorganization (Part II)

Perl Run Wrappers for External Programs in a Flash

Lightweight BioPerl modules

Modern BioPerl: BioPerl 2.0 and beyond


Semantic Web Support


Biopython logo tiny.png

Indexing & Lazy-loading Sequence Parsers


BioRuby logo tiny.png

An ultra-fast scalable RESTful API to query large numbers of genomic variations


Optimizing a novel, very sensitive alignment method