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Main projects

Affiliated projects

Other related projects

  • BioJS - an open-source library of JavaScript components to visualise biological data
  • BioHaskell home page, releases
  • Biocaml - bioinformatics library in the functional programming language OCaml
  • BioPHP
  • BioSmalltalk - Bioinformatics in a pure objects environment
  • CGL - Comparative Genomics Library
  • BioMake & Skam - Task management tool, similar to makefiles

Ontologies and Definitions

In Memorium

  • OBDA (this website is out of date, a new one is being developed)
  • Wikiomics - Bioinformatics wiki
  • Pise - a tool to generate Web interfaces software for submitting jobs to these interfaces
  • OpenBQS - Bibliographic query system
  • BioClipse - visual platform based on Eclipse
  • BioWeka
  • BlipKit - Chris Mungall's Prolog toolkit for Bioinformatics and BioMedical Informatics
  • Biolib - cross-project/language C bindings for a shared codebase across the different Bio* projects (Pjotr Prins)