Winfred Gatua is a Wellcome Trust PhD fellow at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom. She holds a background training in MSc Bioinformatics from Pwani University/ICIPE, a Post Graduate diploma in health research methods from Pwani University/KEMRI Wellcome Trust research program, and a BSc in Biomedical Science and technology from Laikipia University. During her previous roles, she was involved in different research projects, including investigating transmission dynamics of Rhinovirus using full and partial-length sequencing and determining recombination and signatures of genetic exchange in mitochondrial genomes. Besides, she is a certified carpentries instructor actively involved in teaching software carpentries across Africa and Europe and previously taught programming for life sciences in HackBio. Her research interest spans population genetics and molecular and genetic epidemiology of complex traits to drive drug discovery using data mining and multiomics approaches.

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